While we’re all waiting for more snow to come, here’s a quick list of what our team loves this holiday season, just in case you’re fresh out of ideas. Save on shipping, get free gift wrapping, and come see all of our lovely faces as you get the last few gifts on your list.

Wes Allen – Owner

The North Face Ventrix Jacket

Why We Like It/How It’s Used: This jacket is so good that it’s a little spooky.  A combination of warmth and breathability that is a little hard to believe until you use it.  When you are still or it’s cold out – this jacket is super warm and comfortable, similar to a great wool sweater.  The magic really happens when you start to expend some energy, though.  The combination of the material and build allows excess heat to escape while keeping you appropriately warm. Perspiration escapes quickly, so you stay dry.  Simply put, the most versatile piece of insulation that we have ever used.

Tech Specs: Tackle the challenges of rapid elevation gain and loss with this new, lightly insulated jacket that features our state-of-the-art Ventrix™ ventilation for balanced warmth and breathability. Perforations in key areas are designed to expand and dump heat or contract and retain as you move, so you won’t overheat or sweat out.

Cost: $199

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Secrid Wallets

Why We Like It/How It’s Used: The coolest wallets and card holders that we have ever seen.  European design.  Amazing leathers.  Safety for your credit card data.  The kicker – grabbing a credit card is like a magic trick.  The cards just seem to appear to anyone watching.  Say goodbye to digging through your wallet to find the right card.

Tech Specs: One that protects both your privacy and your money. The Secrid wallet does exactly that both in terms of security and style.

  • RFID protection.  Prevents hackers from stealing your privacy and credit card information.
  • Holds up to 6 cards in the protector
  • Tray for extra space to hold cards, banknotes, coins, keys, pictures, medicine, etc.
  • Cardslide ejector (our favorite part)

Cost: $89.95


Melissa Allen – Owner

Rossignol Temptation 84 HD Ski

Why We Like It/How It’s Used: The Temptation 84 is a dream to ski in Red Lodge or at Sleeping Giant.  Super smooth, this ski is easy to slot into powerful turns with little effort.  It cranks on groomers and hard pack, while slicing through new snow and crud.  Best of all, this ski is way more forgiving than any other ski this powerful.  It’s for the female skier who loves speed and precision, but doesn’t want the stress of piloting a race ski.

Tech Specs: The all-mountain benchmark for expert to advanced all-mountain skiers, the new TEMPTATION 84 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, powerful freeride feel. The finely-tuned fusion of our patented Carbon Alloy Matrix, Air Tip, and Auto Turn Rocker technologies delivers high-definition precision with effortless versatility across all terrain and snow conditions. The entire mountain awaits – let Temptation rule.

Cost: $650

Christian Baumeister – Manager

Instant Shot Ski Kit

Why We Like It/How It’s Used: You know that you are probably not going to turn those old skis into a chair.  Why not take 15 minutes and turn them into a party?  Easy to build, and even more fun to use – the Instant Shot Skis give you a seasonally appropriate way to throw some back with your friends.  Did you actually build that chair?  Well, we have pre-assembled Shot Skis too.

Tech Specs: Your kit includes 4 Instant Shotski brackets, peel-and-stick adhesive, build instructions and an ultra-cool sticker. Built by ski bums and stoked to be made in the USA.

Cost: $39.00


Krystina Beatty – Footwear Buyer

The Cafflano Klassic

Why We Like It/How It’s Used: The all in one pour-over is a great go-to for the perfect cup of coffee anywhere. I use it at home, on the road, and in the backcountry. The ceramic mill provides a consistent, proper grind for a tasty cup of joe.

Tech Specs: Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design. It can stimulate and boost up the sales of coffee beans as we address to enjoy specialty coffee everywhere with Cafflano® Klassic; home, office, school, car, outdoor, and etc. Preparing all necessary brewing kits costs much and troublesome when trying to enjoy coffee outdoor; Cafflano® Klassic is affordable and its light weight ensures maximum portability, removing the hassle of packing.

Cost: 89.00


Amber Bryant – Office Administrator

The Speaqua Barnacle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Why We Like It/How It’s Used: You can use it in the shower, the canoe, or even on the side of your tent or camper. It’s fully waterproof so it’s perfect to bring when you’re out on the lake.  Great sound, built-in memory, and Bluetooth compatibility make this the perfect gift.

Tech Specs: The Barnacle + is the world’s first functionally waterproof, floatable speaker with 4GB of built-in memory. By uniquely incorporating our full spectrum waterproofing capacity and 4GB built-in memory, we merged convenience with functionality, to re-define the purpose and possibilities of waterproof speakers. Mindfully designed for outdoor enthusiasts and geared to complement any active lifestyle, you can now store 1,000 songs directly onto the device. Handily taking your tunes on any aquatic adventure, while leaving your phone behind.

Cost: $ 64.99


Need some more ideas? Stop in the store and we’ll help you find the perfect gift.