We live in Wyoming in part because of the access to an unbelievable wonderland just out the door. And whether you are hiking, hunting, skiing, fishing, biking or four-wheeling, your birthright as an American is ownership of and access to many of the most magnificent public lands on Earth.

Sunlight Sports, as a business and employer, exists because of our access to public lands. Our families – along with many of our friends and neighbors – recreate in, earn their living on, and feed themselves from the bounty those lands provide. We believe strongly in the continued protection of our entire country’s ownership of public lands – not just in Wyoming, but in all of the federal lands across the US that are ours and our children’s.

It’s not a red or blue issue. It’s an American issue – our nationally owned public lands are one of the greatest treasures that we possess as a nation. There are a plethora of activities, including recreation, ranching, mining and agriculture that provide us, as citizens, wealth and health in myriad ways. Those lands, in every state, are ours.

That’s why Sunlight Sports joined with 100 outdoor brands and nationally prominent outdoor retailers in signing this letter that appeared in a full-page ad in the Washington Post.

As the song says, this land is our land.

And it should stay that way.

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