Hiking With Kids

Do you want to get out on the trails with your kids, but are not sure how to make it a drama and stress-free endeavor?  These are just a few tips and tricks that will keep everyone enjoying the great outdoors!

Ready, Set, Go!

Kids love being involved. Have them help choose a trail, pack up their hiking gear, and learn about what they might see outdoors. Creating an exciting and positive outlook before you head out the door will carry on to the trail.

Set Goals

Whether it may be a certain mileage, time limit, number of hill climbs or water crossings, you can help your kids set goals. Not only can it be fun to increase the number each time, but it will get them looking forward to heading out on the next adventure.


Have something fun planned out for at the end of a hike like a waterfall or a lake to fish in. That way they’ll stay excited throughout the trek to reach the end.
Hint: Geocaching can be a great way to both hike and “hunt for treasure.” Check and see if there are any in your area, or to a destination! https://www.geocaching.com/play

Short & Sweet

Those short little legs just can’t go the distance quite yet. Choose a hike that you can take regular rest breaks, and will only take up a portion of the day.
Hint: The rule is a half-mile for every year of age. i.e. A five-year-old should be able to hike two to three miles.

Pack It In

Be sure to bring extra snacks, water, layers and changes of clothes. If your kids are old enough help them pack their own bags and have them create some fun snacks for the trail.

Play on the Way

Create games while on the trail like “I Spy,” or have them photograph any interesting items or wildlife that might catch their eye. If you were able to research beforehand, see how many plants, animals and natural landmarks they can identify while on the trail.

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