1. BLM is best!

Want to have an uncrowded, free and wide open viewing spot? Bureau of Land Management lands are going to be your best bet. Grab a BLM map (available at the shop, and the local BLM office) to find the immense variety of places from which you will have great spot. BLM land is publicly accessible and free to camp on. Most of central Wyoming is BLM. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of open space that you can use between Shoshoni and Casper. Remember to use a map to make sure that you are on BLM, practice Leave No Trace, and try to keep your vehicles on established roads and tracks. We have complete camping set ups from Kelty from $199.

2. Get an early start through Wind River Canyon.

Most of your friends and neighbors will be driving through this choke point to get to the places where the eclipse will be 100%. We have never really seen a traffic jam in the canyon (unless there were boulders on the road) but why take the chance? Get down there the day before – or be headed into the canyon by 8 am.

3. Stock a cooler, and make sure that gas tank is full.

Unless you are going to brave the crowds in Casper, there aren’t going to be a lot of dining or fuel options available. Moneta might not have a ton of restaurants. So, grab that Icemule or Yeti, and stock it with all of your favorite sandwich fixings. It seems like a nice dark beer would be a good choice for an eclipse drink…

4. Don’t forget the camping chairs.

Besides eclipse glasses, durable seating is the most important thing to keep the group happy as you wait for this once-in-a-lifetime event. If everyone has their own space, they will be happy.

Pack it in with Kelty.

We’ve partnered up with Kelty to bring the best camping packages perfect for camping out on the Eclipse. Get a chair, blanket, sleeping bag, and tent for only $199.